Sunday Liturgy Guide


The Christian church is a beautifully diverse and culturally rich body of Christians from different times and places. As a result, many expressions of worship have developed based on particular traditions culture or theological conviction. Redeemer East Harlem has been influenced by many traditions, and as a result, does not fully subscribe to any one specific expression of worship.

However, one practice we maintain is that of intentional liturgy. Liturgy helps guide and shape corporate worship in order to ensure Christians experience the breadth and depth of the Bible’s instruction of how to worship.

For REH, we believe the practices we keep mold and shape us, and as a result, we desire our worship services to shape our corporate practices and mimic our individual practices. First and foremost, constantly being reminded up the Gospel is fundamentally the basis for all practices. To that end, the arc of our worship is ultimately the Gospel narrative.

CLICK HERE for a booklet that helps guide you through the purpose and goal of our liturgy.