Reading Plan + Devotional Guide

We often learn a lot about Jesus, but how well do we know him. We often know much about what Jesus accomplished in Jerusalem, but how well do we know about his ministry leading to Jerusalem. In this series, we seek to get to know Jesus by walking with him and highlighting his character, ministry, and life as he journeys toward Jerusalem, where he would eventually go to the cross.

Since we will not be able to look at every chapter of Luke, each week of our series simply highlights an important aspect of Jesus’ life and ministry. With that in mind, as a church, we have an opportunity to better know Jesus by spending time with him each day through his word. To that end, we created a devotional reading plan that will lead you through the Gospel of Luke by the end of the series. Each week has about 3-4 chapters, which allows you to take your time and spend quality time with Jesus.

Each time you read, consider these two questions and journal your thoughts:

  1. How does what I read help me know Jesus better?
  2. How will I live in response to now knowing him in this way?

CLICK HERE for the digital guide. We also have printed booklets on Sunday mornings


  • Week of Jan. 5-11: Luke 1-3
  • Week of Jan.12-18: Luke 4-6
  • Week of Jan. 19-25: Luke 7-9
  • Week of Jan. 26-Feb. 1: Luke 10-13
  • Week of Feb. 2-8: Luke 14-17
  • Week of Feb. 9-15: Luke 18-21
  • Week of Feb. 16-22: Luke 22-24